Be like Tom

A minister friend of mine in another part of the country wrote this in a Facebook group to which I belong. I am deeply touched reading about Tom – an old man willing to serve in new ways:

Last week I wrote about our oldest member Tom who is just short of his 101st birthday. When I told him that the church couldn’t meet for the time being, he said, “Is there anything I can do because I will have extra time on my hands.” I gave him the task of writing short thoughts which I would type up and share in various ways.
Here is the first of Tom’s short meditations:

The intensity of the Corona-virus, rapidly spreading across the world, is a new experience for us. It affects each of us, so now we are in “Lockdown,” and even families cannot socialise with each other.

Crises like this, bring out the worst or best in people. Stores and suppliers are under pressure. Panic buying creates more stress.
On Saturday my daughter obtained some food items for me and watched the ugly side of panic buying; customers were fighting and screaming at each other. She managed to get me the last loaf of bread. Shopping like that causes fear and distress.

On Saturday, thankfully, I saw the better side. Later in the evening, I saw on my doormat what I thought was junk mail. I picked it up and it was a note from two strangers, who were going to be my near neighbours in a few weeks. They knew I may find it difficult to get groceries, so they gave me their telephone number with the offer of help if I needed it.

Epidemics seem out of place to us, but similar accounts are found in the Gospels.

“Sadly lepers were ostracised, denied socialising or any contact with their families. “PANIC BUYING,” was carried out by locusts, by stripping bare farmers’ crops, thus threatening their livelihood.

God was with His people in such dire conditions, and still is with us, if He can count on us to be agents of His Grace and loving care.”

… and a second meditation from Tom has just arrived.


A causal thought may convince you that this is true e.g. if you possess an item you don’t need faith because it is right in front of you.

In our present circumstances this saying is promptly challenged. We take for granted things we cannot see and here are some:

  1. We get up each day carry out our daily routines without a thought. Did you see the air you breathe? Can it be true if you did not see it?
  2. You are walking in the face of a full force gale, the wind so strong you could lean on it. You can’t see the wind so is that an expensive fantasy?
  3. Where would we be without electricity? Can you see it? No, you can’t! BUT you can see and feel the impact of it
  4. Consider the virus which affects each one of us. This invisible killer can decimate thousands in a few days. You could be the next victim.Would that change your mind?

Could it be that because you cannot see God He is not real? So you do not believe. True you cannot see God, but we have His Spirit through Jesus and He cannot be seen – yet is very potent. You ignore God and the virus at your peril. Don’t ignore Him and reject His wonderful relationship, which you can share.


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