We meet at last … virtually

One rather pleasing outcome of the lockdown has been that I have met new people. Strange, but true!

During this period I have engaged with a Sunday evening Zoom “happy hour” meeting of Baptist ministers from across the country – most of whom I have never met in person. I have taken part in a prayer meeting of the Friends of Ffald-y-Brenin – the Pembrokeshire retreat house where I have stayed and which I support, but which is too distant for frequent visits. And last night I met for prayer and conversation with a handful of friends and one person I did not know, all of whom share a connection with the Door Trust – a Christian Centre on the Isle of Mull.

We are distanced from one another in many ways, but we are also connecting in new ways. This is not only a time of loss and disconnection. It is also a time of fresh ideas and new connections.


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